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Cures and the Like

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Jan. 20th, 2006 | 11:21 pm
music: "Deaths Door" by Jesus Complex
posted by: lilitheraine in moonlightwings

So, let's say you're sick with something.

What is it?

And what do you take to make yourself feel better?


Well, I'm currently fighting a cold that's hinting at wanting to become an Upper Respiratory Infection (( throat being all itchy and making me cough, hoarsely, on occassion ))

So, I sleep.

Get up and eat breakfast consisting of something solid, and a glass of milk. Namely pop-tarts, eating them both. Contrary to popular belief, milk does NOT create flem.

Cough drops. Lots of them. Good for sore throats, Thieves is the kind. Thank you Jackie for buying them for me. Sure they make my tongue numb but they do their job.

3rd day officially fighting it, and I've only had 4 cans of soda. 2 a day, if I'm lucky so much as to finish the can.

Meaing I'm drinking mostly milk.

Soon to be drinking cranberry juice, yes yes!!

I also ingested a cup of hot soup yesterday.

It worked nicely on the throat and restoring some energy.


SssOOOoooooo........ gimme thine remedies!!

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from: alhyntius
date: Jan. 22nd, 2006 02:13 pm (UTC)

I just don't get sick.

On the rare occasion I do however, if I'm not hospitalized for something freaky, then I usually just lie around on the couch for 2-3 days like a wuss, watching the Indiana Jones trilogy, and have my every whim catered to. Well, I'd like my ever whim catered to but I'm lucky if a family member will make me soup. Mom will usually always make me a milk shake though. If I'm congested, it's generic NyQuil or DayQuil pills as needed. Headache gets acetamenophine. Sore muscles get ibuprofen. Sore throat gets hot green tea with honey, though I always recomend semen to women. :-)

That's about it.

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