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1, Full Believer - The National Enquirer may stretch things a bit, but all that stuff is true in one

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Jul. 20th, 2005 | 11:38 pm
posted by: sarita_anita in moonlightwings

I would have to say i'm a full believer. I believe in many different things. I'm still trying to find what path i want to take religion wise but it seems to be in the neo-pagan direction. I belive in mythical creatures, i believe in many different legends. The things i don't believe in are they type of things that was given as an example for the total believer. A lot of superstitions i don't believe in. I believe in ghosts and a lot of other things. I believe that you can communicate with with spirits and i believe that they are everywhere. Mythical creatures are all over also (tara remember pito). I love studying occult sciences also. And i'm also a big believer in astrology and moon signs. My friends have a tendency to get possessed and the weird thing is i've actually become friends with some of them. They just hang out inside her body and come out everyonce in a while. They actually help her survive by giving her energy. I'm not saying thats exactly a good thing to allow but it hasn't hurt us so far. A lot of people don't know what they are talking about but things really do exist, you just need to find what is true and what people are making up, but then again the mind is very powerful. I know someone who wanted a friend so despertly when she moved she made a spiritual form for that person, and could see her. The mind is extraordinary. Hell people can do memory charms on themselves. I've had 2 friends do this. One completely blocked out a specific incident that happened, and another friend blocked out everything she's experienced with the paranormal and metaphysical, granted she ended up going nuts for a few days being certain visions kept popping up in her head, and after about a week of us helping her remember and her finally realizing that she wanted to know again it all came back. There is a hell of a lot of crap we can't figure out about why all this exists but it does.

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