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Fucked up Dream

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Mar. 7th, 2006 | 07:21 pm
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music: "Forever" by Bruderschaft
posted by: lilitheraine in moonlightwings

I should've rubbed my 'Peace and Calming' oil on my temples lat night because I had the strangest dream.


I was with my family, oddly enough, and we were staying at this fairly nice resort. Pool, our own rooms, nice large open space, all that good stuff. I remember unpacking my stuff in my room that I actually shared with my sister Allison. After I finished, I walked out the door (( strangely, the wall this door was on looked a bit like the walls at the old trailer in Oxford..... only no wall furnishings )).

I took a walk around the place, practically, and came across these other people. Most were girls but there was also a guy who looked like he was in the military. There were also a few children. So I hung out with these people and we were hanging out for what seemed like a few days. Eventually, in our chats, the topic of ghosts, spirits, prophets and the like came up. We all believed in the otherworldly.

Then, I said I wanted to show them a book, and I pulled out a book that just had ghost stories in it.

The next thing I know, myself, the three other girls, the military guy (( who, oddly enough, looks a lot like the guy my sister and Mike tried to hook me up with )), and the children........

...... we're all Crucified.

We all have stakes through our wrists and feet.

We're all more shocked than anything else. We're crying but it doesnt seem like it was out of pain. We're bleeding out our arms and feet and I even took notice of a few of us having TWO stakes in each wrist, not one. The people that crucified u wanted to put two stakes in each of my wrists and I heard one guy say "NO, hers are too small, give her a large stake instead."

There was a crowd of people booing us and cheering for the man who was leading them, who eventually said "Let their bodies be burned and be made in incense for the great king!!" and all of us on the crosses, we looked to where the man was raising his hand to and we saw a building that looked a bit nicer than the rest of the buildings at this resort. We saw smoke coming out of it from one end and all of us thought "Oh no" and we all died at the exact same time.

But it doesnt end there.

I 'woke up' in my dream and saw that my right hand had been chopped off. The hand I write and draw with, gone. The rest of us were missing body parts too. The military man had both his hands cut off and I could see him trying to hold his groin. He came up to me and said "They shot off my product" (( yes, he said that )) and when he pulled his stubbed arms away, there was a hole you could see right through. A clean hole where a certain body part should be.

The children that were crucified were running around, all bloody, oddly though, I think they still had their hands and feet. One of the other girls had both her feet cut off, and the military man was missing his leg from the calf down.

I found my mom. It seemed like she could see me and she wasnt worried, despite the fact of how I looked. I told her I wasnt coming home, I was dead, etc etc. My mother just said "What are you talking about?" I looked at myself, and I was still a bloody mess.

Oddly enough, she was seeing my spirit, because I was the spirit likeness of what happened to my body. All of us were roaming spirits, our bodies were already piles of ashes being dumped into a large, woven basket for this Great King. Yes, a large woven basket. A few of us...... me, the guy in the military and 2 of the girls followed some of the people who carried our ashes. We followed them into a room that was fairly toasty and they poured our burned ashes into this large basket.

I apologized to all the others who were crucifed, apologized for bringing out the book. And they said that it wasnt my fault.


Then I woke up. oO

Now is that a fucked up dream or what?

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