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Well.... Dont Be Surprised....

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Oct. 29th, 2005 | 09:01 pm
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posted by: lilitheraine in moonlightwings

It is now 4 minutes past Midnight as I type this.

Meaning it is now officially Devil's Night, the first night out of two nights of the year where, I believe, spirits can easily roam. The 30th and the 31st of October are the most powerful nights of the year for Paranormal activity.

Oh, pardon me, sorry but 'Tara' is not typing this. This is her 'inner monster' as she so claims to call me. Call me Ishkadiel, or Ishy as I permit you to, or perhaps you COULD say I am Tara. Just the deeper parts of herself she has yet to become.

I'm here with a little 'prediction' and a calling.

Tell me, as this intrigues me.... what do YOU believe Devil's Night and All Hallows Eve entail? What traditions do you follow? What beliefs run through your head on these two nights? Do tell, I want to know.

Now, sorry if this seems strange, but She wanted to let out her other side for 2 nights, see what happens. Fells great to have the leash lengthened just a little more.

Now, as for this prediction..... let's just say that 2006 is going to be a great year. Not because of Tara making yet another attempt at getting out (( most likely this being the last as she'll be a bit more successful this time around )), but over all. A new year for discovery. A new year of adventure. A new year of age, exploration and learning.

Yes, 2006 will be a good year. Yes, tough, but rewarding nonetheless.

She will be able to hold her head up higher, she'll be able to speak up a little louder and she'll be able to express herself a little more freely.

And, I DO thank you, those who have been there for her. Your encouragement has helped her out dearly, and has made it that more easy for her to be a little braver in talking in reference to me and her own plans as to what she wants to do with herself, life and what not.

Scott, Sarah.... you two earn the most Thank Yous Tara or myself could ever give because you two have been there for her the most.

Thank you. Thank you. And Thank You some more.


Do tell what Hallowe'en means to you.....

For me.... it is a night of mischeif. Fun. Laughter. Darkness. And, as some of the more superstitious people believe, there's nothing better than to dress up like your favourite monster, just to evade the instinctful antics of the entities that have slipped through rifts and openings to wreak their havoc on Humans. Of course, many are conscious of the fact that people try to meld in with those Entities, but the entities either have better things to do than to try and find the imposters....... OR, they accept those people among them, join in on the fun.

So, speak up. Let a different side of you take hold and reveal what you feel Hallowe'en means.


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