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Ah Me, Oh My!

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Oct. 6th, 2005 | 10:51 pm
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posted by: alhyntius in moonlightwings

The brilliant manga Ah!Megamisama was made into an OVA many years ago who's English title is "Oh! My Goddess". I downloaded and watched all of the fansubs and some day would love to own it on DVD because I just absolutely love that anime. I wasn't a fan of the movie though.

Well, recently the manga is being animated yet again, this time in a TV series. The same story that was told in the OVA is being reworked and expanded and the English title is "Ah! My Goddess," a subtle difference from the OVA so you can tell which one's which.

When I first heard the news, I had mixed feelings. They did such a great job with the OVA, why redo it? Well, I watched the first episode of the TV series tonight and I still have mixed feelings. I don't like the art style as well in the TV show as I do in the OVA. I do like how the TV show takes more time in developing the events however, but there's also this voiceover thing that I hate. In addition, the TV show seems to directed towards fate (the goddesses direct Keichi's call to Belldandy) whereas in the OVA, things just sort of happen (Keichi accidentally dials a wrong number).

I don't know. All in all I think I'll like the OVA better but I can't make a final decision until I've seen the TV series all the way through. I guess I better save my money and buy the DVDs as they're released. That or see about downloading fansubs again, but I have yet to find a P2P that had as many as Kazaa did (which I refuse to use because of GAIN, Gator, and other stupid spyware worm fsking !@#%&* ... that come attached and are impossible to get rid of).

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